Get a Week of Delicious Free Drinks in Your Office with the World's 1st Easy to Recycle Drinks Machine!

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If you're tired of throwing out dozens of plastic drinks bottles every month…
If you enjoy sparkling water at work…
If you're tired of sugar-filled soda...
And if you love getting cafe quality drinks in your office...

...Then you’ll want to check out Lavit.

One-for-One Hydration

Every time someone has a Lavit drink, 1 person has access to clean water for a day. This is through our partnership with the charity One Drop.

Lavit is a water cooler that offers single serve chilled, filtered and sparkling water - and so much more. You can also craft low/no sugar, naturally flavored, preservative free delicious drinks at the touch of a button.

Lavit drink capsules are 100% recyclable and use 1/7 the aluminium of cans. And through our partnership with One Drop, every Lavit drink you have helps a family in a developing country get access to clean water.


What do we mean by a free week of drinks?

If you take advantage of this special offer, your current break room coffee/water supplier will set up a Lavit machine in your office. And for one whole week you’ll get delicious chilled filtered still and sparkling water while also enjoying 30+ flavors, which YOU can choose to craft still or sparkling, like:

    • Green tea with ginseng
    • Black cherry lime
    • And many more..
    • Arnold Palmer
    • Arizona Ice Tea
    • Mint Lemonade
    • Acai pomegranate


    What’s the Catch?

     Well...firstly this offer is 100% free. You pay nothing - your current office coffee/water supplier will provide the Lavit Cooler, as well as the first 144 drink capsules!

    Secondly - it’s a no obligation offer. At the end of the week your supplier will come and take the machine away...if that’s what you decide. It’s not a problem.

    The only real catch (what we’re banking on) is that after a week of The Cooler Water Cooler - which turns tap water into pure wonder … you won’t want to give it up.

    You’ll be hooked on having healthier, more productive employees and making your break room awesome.

    Lavit is one of those office perks people don’t ‘get’ until they try it. That’s why we’re confident to go out on a limb and offer you a whole week of free drinks with zero risk on your part. You love it, or leave it.

    How do you Claim Your Free Drinks?

    It’s simple. Just fill in the form below with your name, company, city and current breakroom service provider. We’ll then contact your service provider, and they’ll arrange with you when to bring in your Lavit machine for a free week of drinks.

    If you’re not sure who your current service provider is, that’s fine. Just fill in the form below anyway and we’ll be in touch to confirm this information or recommend a provider who can deliver this free offer to you.


    "After our Lavít machine was installed, I quickly became the office hero...We're now drinking healthier beverages that improve our immune systems and energy. Thank you Lavít for finally creating an alternative to the antiquated water cooler!"



    If you’d like to know more about getting Lavit in your office, just click the button below and our drinks consultants will be in touch within 24 hours.


    "Lavít is a beautifully crafted machine that creates great and delicious beverages! Our office is in love with the Lavít machine."


    "The Lavít unit is easy to use! I love the fact that there are so many great flavors, and that each has very little sugar and calories. The fact that the capsules are recyclable and good for the environment is another huge benefit!"


    "The unit is user-friendly and fast. I like that there's no waiting at the machine in an office of 150-200 people. I also like that it's clean, with no mess to clean up after a beverage is dispensed."