8 Fun Sugar Free Drinks That Are Sure To Be A Hit


The energy drink industry is thriving, and it’s only expected to keep growing. Coffee hasn’t lost any of its popularity in favor of energy drinks, either. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 are daily coffee drinkers. Soda consumption is also still going strong in America. Nearly a third of American adults drink a beverage with added sugar every day.

Sodas and energy drinks have significant amounts of added sugar. Some energy drinks have up to 30 grams of sugar in one drink, and some 12-ounce sodas have that or more. A 16 oz cup of black coffee only has 5 calories, but 68% of coffee drinkers prefer to add milk, cream and usually sugar to their coffee. On average, this can add around 70 extra calories to one coffee. Some specialty coffee drinks are even more calorific, and can easily have as much sugar in them as a soda.

Consuming sugar regularly will cause you to crave more sugar. It’s habit-forming and can be rather difficult to stop. Since the sugar rush is short-lived, it leaves you coming back for more once it wears off. There are plenty of better options that can satisfy your cravings for soda or coffee. Many similar and great-tasting healthy drinks are out there! Here are just a few sugar-free drinks that can help you kick the habit.

Juice Press Cinnamon Guarana Water

If you’re craving a flavored coffee beverage, this is a great alternative. The Cinnamon Guarana Water by Juice Press has chicory root extract, guarana extract and cinnamon extract in its ingredients list. This is Lavit’s take on a sugar-free energy drink. Naturally sugar-free, this drink has a coffee-like flavor, thanks to the chicory root and cinnamon.

Chicory root likely has its origins as a coffee alternative back in 19th century France. Coffee became scarce when Napoleon cut off trade with Britain in 1806. Roasted chicory root became commonly used as an additive to and substitute for coffee because of its similar taste. It also became popular once more in New Orleans during the American Civil War.

This drink gets its energy boost from the guarana extract. A plant native to the Amazon, guarana seeds contain just about four times as much caffeine as coffee beans. Each Lavit EcoCap capsule of Cinnamon Guarana Water has 55 mg of caffeine, making it one of the healthiest energy drinks you could find. Try switching out your morning coffee with this solid substitute.

Chai Spice Tea

Different from your average sugar-filled chai latte mix, actual chai tea is a blend of spices and tea leaves. It has a rich, warm flavor and a relatively high caffeine content since it’s usually mixed with black tea (although it’s less than a cup of coffee). If you’re craving a chai latte, try switching to the spiced tea over chai mixes. After trying the real thing, you might even find that “chai” mixes seem bland, boring and way too sweet.

Chai is also a great option if you’re craving coffee, especially sugary espresso drinks. It’s got that dark, comforting taste to it that is reminiscent of coffee, but with a little less caffeine and a lot less sugar than your average espresso mixed drink. It’ll still give you the boost you’re looking for while keeping your caffeine intake down.

Make your own sugar-free chai spice latte by steeping two tea bags and adding unsweetened coconut milk. Coconut milk would lend itself especially well to this creation, with its slightly creamy texture and subtle, fresh flavor. It’s also better for you and the environment, lower in sugar and higher in calcium than dairy milk. Just make sure that you don’t grab the sweetened or flavored variations.

Juice Press Rose Water

Rose water is a unique way to hydrate with a little extra flavor and a few added perks.  Lavit’s Rose Water sources its flavor from Bulgarian rose oil. Rose water has been used for many years and is a traditional skincare staple. It’s anti-inflammatory and full of antioxidants and vitamins.

Hydration in general is great for your skin, but rose oil adds a little bit extra. Rose water can be used to treat skin woes such as acne and eczema by bringing down the inflammation in your skin. Dry skin and textured skin will also benefit from rose water’s hydration and clarifying vitamins, such as vitamin E.

Green Tea

Green tea is naturally sugar-free, is packed with antioxidants and it’s rich in vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants in green tea can help your body neutralize free radicals, which can lead to skin issues, early aging and other health problems. Green tea is a great way to get your daily caffeine without the health risks, and adding in a range of benefits.

Some of the health benefits that you may be able to take advantage of by drinking green tea are reduced inflammation, decreased body fat and weight loss, reduced risk of heart issues, and more. The amino acids in green tea may also help improve brain function.

Studies have also begun to show a connection between green tea consumption and a lower risk of cancer. Women who drink green tea have a 20-30% lower chance of developing breast cancer, whereas men have been shown to have a 48% lower risk of developing prostate cancer when drinking green tea. It’s believed that the antioxidants in the tea may be able to fight against the abnormal cell growth that is associated with cancer.

Green tea is often mixed with herbs to create different flavor variations. Jasmine, Sencha, lemongrass and matcha are some of the most popular flavors. If you’re brewing your own, pure green tea leaves can be steeped with non-caffeinated herbal teas to add a little more flavor. Try mixing an herbal berry tea with your green tea for a fruity, healthy pick-me-up.

SuperNaturals Mandarin Orange Citrus and California Lemon & Lime

A great healthy substitute for citrus sodas, the SuperNaturals “Hint of” beverages get their taste from slight added natural flavoring. These fruit-infused drinks are perfect for adding a little kick to your glass of water. Craving a classic lemon-lime flavored soda? Opt for the Hint of California Lemon & Lime to avoid the sugar and artificial flavoring.

If you like the subtle hint of flavor that these drinks have, you can also try other infused water concoctions. Cut up some cucumbers into slices and soak them in a pitcher of water for a super hydrating option, or try throwing a few mint leaves into your water bottle before you leave for work in the morning.  


Kombucha is a fermented tea, sometimes mixed with fruit juices. It’s loaded with probiotics and is super beneficial for gut health. The fermentation causes carbonation, making this a great option if you’re craving something fizzy like a soda.

It does have a strong flavor that can be a bit of an acquired taste for some people. Others might love it right away for its uniqueness. Don’t be lured in by some brands of bottled kombucha that are adding a ton of extra cane sugar to the drink. Kombucha is brewed with sugar initially and the probiotics feed off of the sugar until no more remains in the fermented beverage. Adding more sugar makes the drink more marketable for a soda-loving society. The problem is that it takes this healthy drink and makes it just like your average over-sweetened beverage. Plus, if your store-bought kombucha is sweet, it likely means that the probiotics are dead and no longer fermenting by the time they reach you. That means you’re missing out on all of their benefits.

You can even brew your own kombucha at home in a wide-mouthed glass jar. Kombucha probiotics, known as SCOBY, can sometimes be found at health food stores and online. If possible, see if you can find someone who’s already been brewing their own at home and might be willing to gift you a SCOBY. It’s a fun little science experiment that leads to a great tasting and healthy drink!

Sparkling Water

If all you’re looking for is a little carbonation in your beverage, sparkling water is a simple option. It’s light, fizzy and refreshing. There’s nothing dangerous to your health added to the ingredients – it’s just water with carbon dioxide added for the bubbly effect.

Sparkling water is just as hydrating as normal water, but its fizziness can help to satisfy a soda craving. It can be a great way to add more water to your daily routine because it doesn’t seem like you’re just drinking water. For those trying to make the switch from soda to a healthier diet, sparkling water is a very good option.

To make sure it’s free of any sugar or other additives, check the ingredients list and make sure you’re only getting carbonated water. Stay away from tonic water, which is sparkling water that has added sugar. Club soda is also sparkling water, but contains additives such as salt.