Sell More Cars By Focusing On The Customer Experience


Businesses today have to focus heavily on providing customers with a great experience.

Whether the customer makes a purchase immediately or they come back a year from now, the experience they have when they first walked through the doors will determine the likelihood of that sale. Customer experience not only has an impact on your sales figures put on your brand reputation

If an individual has a bad customer experience they will be certain to share that experience with friends and family and go out of their way to recommend against using your services. But by comparison if they have a good experience they will be certain to share the details of that experience with everyone who inquires after their new car.

Experiences: The Usefulness of Word-of-Mouth 

Businesses today have to market themselves in creative ways. Marketing is done by genuine and compelling experiences. New leads and more closed deals are the results of successful and positive customer experiences both at the beginning of the sales process and at the end. People don't want the pushy salesman, the quintessentially slick haired car salesman who is dishonest and aiming only for the bottom line. 77% of buyers want to see and hear proof of satisfied customers stories. They want to know that other people bought cars from trustworthy and authentic companies.


But how do you initiate customer stories? For a car dealership word of mouth is instrumental in this method of marketing. When a single customer visits a dealership, is shuffled into a relaxing and open waiting area, treated courteously, and given a range of free refreshments from which to choose, they are more likely to associate that experience with satisfaction. And when that happens they are more likely to share with friends and family, leave positive reviews with the salesman who helps them, and provide valuable customer stories that you can share with new leads to substantiate the professionalism and trustworthiness of your company.


Another 90% of buyers who are exposed to the success stories have admitted that this influences their decision to make a purchase. People who are looking to buy a car and are exposed to irresistible success stories that build trust with your company at the evaluation are buying cycle are more likely to drive off the lot with a new car and a new, long-term business relationship.


So, once people are exposed to be success stories, once they hear about the positive experience someone else had, they are more likely to go searching for a positive experience themselves.


But the process of buying a car can take some time. When people visit a dealership to buy a new car they don't typically come alone. After all, if they do make a purchase, they'll be driving home in their new car but that means they'll need someone else to get them there in the first place. Some people bring their families or their friends, and for those people who are left waiting, the experience your company provides in the waiting room is crucial.


Consider this: a potential lead walks into your dealership ready to buy a new truck. They have found two trucks they are considering but before you are able to sit down and go over different car loans and interest rates, the children who came with the potential lead start to show signs that they are antsy and bored, demanding to go home. One of them remarks that they are incredibly thirsty but there aren't any beverages around. 


If your company is able to offer a comprehensive drink system, you can salvage that potential sale buy quenching the thirst of all the guests while allowing the potential lead the freedom to focus on the details of the different car loans in a stress-free environment.


To that end, having a Lavit Drink System would be a surefire way to give employees and potential customers alike over 30 beverage options from which to choose including those that have fewer than 10 calories, zero sugar, natural energy sources, or tea. using only natural ingredients and being free from preservatives, the different options you can offer, again your employees and your customers, can bring a healthy energy to your office and go a long way toward sealing your reliability as a brand.

Becoming a reliable brand

Reputation goes hand-in-hand with the reliability of your brand. Customers of all ages are making buying decisions based on the credibility of the company and their reputation.

But building your brand credibility is not something you can do once. It's something you have to regularly work to achieve and fine-tune. While different age groups consider specific actions of companies to be more meaningful than others, across all age groups the most important things are reliability and honesty. 

Always incorporate statistics. If you make a claim customers are more likely to trust you if you can back up your claim with data, figures, or statistics. For example, If you incorporate the Lavit drink system you can use Lavit case studies and data to substantiate the claims you might post around your office of sustainability or health associated with a different drink options.

Authenticity and trust the most important components to any business. Modern consumers and customers are more likely to use your services and increase your bottom line if they trust you and if they know you are an authentic business, one that legitimately cares for them. Again, serving a variety of beverages in your office, with different health options for those who have dietary concerns is one very small but powerful way to show that you have a vested interest in the overall well-being of your customers whether they make up a purchasing decision now or later.

Customer service is the cornerstone of your success. This doesn't mean having a successful call center where questions can be answered by foreigners. It doesn't mean letting customers yell at you when things don't go their way or being there to respond to each and every concern they might have. What it really means is keeping them happy by remaining propped, courteous, and offering experiences that promote products, services, and highlight the importance of the customer. For millennials, credibility and honesty are the two most important attributes that a company can have followed closely by having promotional products available for customers. To that end, you can convert one time buyers into loyal customers by providing an experience that offers more than just stale coffee and a box of donuts while they wait. 


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