Upcycle Your Life


Simple tips to turn old things into useful items

If you read our previous blog post about recycling in America, you know that U.S. recycling numbers are much lower than many other highly developed countries, with 9% of all plastic trash currently recycled compared to over 50% of few European countries.

These U.S. numbers are discouraging but we cannot be discouraged! Everyone should do as much as they can to help the environment. This means, not only continue to recycle, and recycle properly, but also upcycle! This is because, even if trash and, in particular, plastic is recycled, it can only be recycled so many times before it loses its qualities and it is thus thrown in a landfill. 

Therefore, an alternative to recycling can be upcycling, which has been defined as the process of transforming used goods or waste material into something useful; this substantially reduces waste because items are reused instead of being thrown in the trash. 

We’ve got some simple tips for you to upcycle your life…….

#1 CD Spindle Into Bagel Holder


CDs are now a thing of the past… but that doesn’t mean that you have to throw away your CD spindle; this can be cleaned and utilized as a bagel holder - perfect for your lunch breaks at work!

#2 Toilet Paper Rolls Into Organizer Box


Toilet paper rolls can be used for different purposes, one of them is to organize your electronic cables into a box/drawer!

 #3 Chair Into Shelf/Closet Unit

Upcycle your Life - blog post.jpg

Do you have a damaged wooden chair? Why throw it away if you can make it into a cool storage unit for your clothes and other items? Just place some hooks on your bedroom wall and place chairs on them, open them up and there you go, enjoy your new wardrobe! They also look very cool too.

#4 Old Ladder Into Bookshelf


This one is a bit more complicated to achieve but if you are good at DIY, it is definitely worth doing as it does look cute! If you have an old wooden ladder, put it up your living room wall and use it as a bookshelf.

#5 Bottles Into Lamps/Pendant Lamps 

pendant lamps.jpg

If you have some cute-looking glass bottles, you can turn them to lamps by placing battery operated fairy lights in them, but also, they can become pendant lamps and be stylish alternative to the usual pendant lamps, thus giving your room a rustic feeling!

#6 Cool Shutter Headboard 

shutter headboard.jpg

Get your old shutters, paint them in fresh colors and place them behind your bed to make a rustic, cottage-like headboard!

#7 Cardboard Drawer Dividers 

Cardboard packaging can become quite useful for organizing drawers, therefore, instead of throwing the packaging away when you buy something, make sure you keep it as it will come in handy! This is especially useful for organizing socks, scarves, make-up and so on. 

We hope you thought that these upcycling tips were useful!  If you know more easy ways of upcycling items then please let us know by commenting under this blog post.