with your help, we're moving mountains
to help people and the planet




Lavit capsules are 100% recyclable

Lavit capsules use 1/7th the aluminum of a 12oz can, and avoid the energy demands of transporting, storing, and refrigerating heavy, plastic bottled beverages.


Lavit is now a member of the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative, an organization whose mission is to recognize and collaboratively foster responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. Learn more about ASI



Drink well. Give wells.

Lavit teams up with One Drop

Today, 663 million people around the world live without safe water. This is why Lavit is proud to support One Drop in providing sustainable access to safe water to communities in need worldwide. This means that together, we’re making a difference in the lives of families in need through One Drop’s projects in Central America, India and Africa.

For every Lavit capsule sold,
a portion of the proceeds goes to One Drop


One Drop is an international non-profit organization that provides sustainable access to safe water worldwide. At the core of their mission is water as a transformative force to improve living conditions, as well as give communities the ability to care for themselves. Sustainably. 

To learn more about One Drop, click here.

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