Tired of the mid afternoon coffee energy plunge? Time to try something new...


Coffee is what most office workers rely on to get them started in the morning. But if you’re still downing cups after lunch to stay focused, you may be taking in too much caffeine.

And if you get a pounding headache whenever you miss your morning cup of coffee, then it’s definitely time to cut back. Too much coffee increases stress, blood pressure and depletes essential minerals from your body.

Often the tired heavy feeling you get when think you’re low on coffee is just a lack of hydration. And if you’re finding it hard to drink 6 glasses of water a day, then we have an awesome solution.

There’s an easy way to cut back though: simply substitute other refreshing drinks throughout the day with Lavit!

Lavit is the new water cooler on the market. It does everything an ordinary water cooler does - and then so much more...


The Lavit water cooler dispenses chilled, filtered or sparkling water and crafts delicious drinks at the touch of a button! 

Here’s why you’ll want to replace your
current water cooler with Lavit:

  Normal Water Cooler Lavít
Chilled & Filtered Water
Sparkling Water  
Sparkling Flavored Drinks  
Natural Fruit Drinks  
Low or No Sugar Drinks  
Energy Drinks  
Top Drink Brands Like Arizona  

When you install a Lavit water cooler in your office, you’ll be getting all these benefits for your workplace:

Healthier: cut back on coffee the easy way with low calorie delicious drinks on tap
Increased productivity: Lavit makes hydration easy for employees and helps fight the mid-afternoon slump
Go Green: Lavit saves hundreds of plastic bottles each year and the drink capsules are 100% recyclable
Employee retention: Lavit drinks are an office perk your employees will love
Save your back - you’ll never need to stock the fridge again

"After our Lavít machine was installed, I quickly became the office hero...We're now drinking healthier beverages that improve our immune systems and energy. Thank you Lavít for finally creating an alternative to the antiquated water cooler!"



If you’d like to know more about getting Lavit in your office, just click the button below and our drinks consultants will send you a Lavit info pack.


"Lavít is a beautifully crafted machine that creates great and delicious beverages! Our office is in love with the Lavít machine."


"The Lavít unit is great...so easy to use! I love the fact that there are so many great flavors, and that each has very little sugar and calories. The fact that the capsules are recyclable and good for the environment is another huge benefit!"


"The unit is user-friendly and fast. I like that there's no waiting at the machine in an office of 150-200 people. I also like that it's clean, with no mess to clean up after a beverage is dispensed."