Love sparkling drinks at home?
Now you can get them at work.?

Introducing Lavít: the Next Generation Water Cooler for your Office


If you’re someone who enjoys sparkling water at home, and you come to work only to be confronted with this:

or maybe this:

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.52.12 PM.png

Then we think it's time to set our sights a little higher.


That’s where Lavit comes in.


Lavit is one of those office perks people don’t ‘get’ until they try it. After that - they’ll never want to give it up.

At the touch of a button, Lavit creates chilled, filtered, sparkling or still water. That, however, is just the beginning.

With Lavit capsules (100% easily recyclable) you also can craft delicious low calorie/sugar, still and sparkling fruit flavored drinks and iced teas.


The Lavit “cooler” water cooler does everything your current water cooler does - and much more. There’s over 30 drink flavors like black cherry lime, orange mango, peach tea,  meyer lemon, Californian white peach and West Indian lime.

And, we partnered with Arnold Palmer and Arizona Iced Tea. This means you get these great brands on tap in your office. And (like nowhere else) you can choose to have them still or sparkling.

If you want to easily drink your water quota each day at work…

Save hundreds of plastic bottles each year…

Drink low calorie delicious drinks and iced teas…

And have this all available right at your office….

Then fill out the form below and our drinks consultants will set you up with a free week of Lavit drinks in your office.