Why should I install the Lavit system in my workplace breakroom?


More than anything, we want to encourage you to drink more water. It’s no secret that stayed hydrated is imperative to good health and even to productivity. And we know that sugary sodas can be a lot easier to reach for (and can certainly be more fun) than just water. But who says “healthy” and “fun” are mutually exclusive? With Lavit, you can choose a fun flavor and enjoy the same health benefits as water, and then some.

Lavit also gives your employees higher-quality water. Equipped with antimicrobial materials and automatic ozonation disinfection, the Lavit system ensures that every beverage starts with fresh, filtered H2O. Ozonation automatically cycles through the machine once daily during the very early morning and prevents growth in waterways and tanks. It’s like starting every day with a brand new water cooler.

Sustainable Sipping

Lavit EcoCaps are 100% recyclable at the point of use. When you create your beverage from an EcoCap, the system flushes out the capsule, leaving a small piece of aluminum just one-seventh the size of a 12 oz. aluminum can. Drop the capsules right in your metal recycling bin and move on with your day, knowing you can now use the hashtag #zerowaste.

Take back your storage space

No need to stock your office fridge = More storage space! Lavit condenses all your cold-beverage storage needs into one countertop cooler and easy-to-store boxes of EcoCaps that fit right next to your coffee filters. Man, we love making your life easier.
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How is the Lavit system installed?

Enjoying better-for-you beverages in the workplace couldn’t be simpler. All you need to hook it up is a water line! We also train and certify break room providers across the country, who can install your cooler, provide ongoing maintenance, and keep you stocked full of flavorful EcoCaps™ and CO2 canisters. If your regular break room provider is not yet authorized, contact us at hello@drinklavit.com, and we will be happy to suggest an authorized Lavit provider in your area.



What are the specifications of a Lavit system?

The Lavit System is remarkably compact, and fits easily under most above-counter cabinets. Click here for our spec sheet.



What is the total cost to enjoy Lavit?

The exact cost of a Lavit system tends to vary depending on your office size and frequency of use. Pricing is determined by your break room service provider.

For more info on how you can receive a personalized quote, please use the link below to fill out our quick info form, and someone from Team Lavit will shoot you an email asap. (Check those spam folders, friends!)



Once installed, when is the Lavit system ready for use?

You can start crafting still and sparkling beverages in about 2 hours–enough time for our water tank to fill with filtered water from your water line and make sure it chilled (literally and metaphorically.) Once this happens, the machine will continuously draw in and chill more filtered water as water is dispensed, ensuring a great experience for everyone, all the time.



What if my Lavit machine needs maintenance?

Our Support tab, found in the homepage menu, offers tips to keep your Lavit system in perfect working order. If you encounter any performance issues please call the break room service provider who installed and services your cooler.



What makes Lavit beverages better for me?

Whichever EcoCap you choose, your choice has little or no sugar, and uses only natural flavors. Most are complemented with vitamins and minerals, but never, ever preservatives.

And if you’re like the folks here at HQ, there’s a good chance you’ll be drinking more and more water not because you should, but because you want to.



What are the ingredients in your EcoCaps beverage options?

Every EcoCap has simple ingredients and zero preservatives. You can find full nutrition facts for every flavor on our beverage page.



Are Lavit beverages vegan?

Most are! Check out our beverage page for our vegan options.



Are Lavit beverages kosher?

All capsules are Kosher except for our Juice Press & Eboost offerings, which we are investigating into converting to Kosher-certified in the near future.



How many ounces of liquid does each EcoCap produce?

Each EcoCap is designed to make a 12-ounce beverage, but you always have the option of adjusting how much water is added to your drink, increasing or decreasing the flavor intensity.



How long do beverages from Lavit EcoCaps last?

As a dry powder stored in a sealed aluminum container, Lavit beverage blends remain relatively inert until crafted with still or sparkling water, giving each EcoCap an extensive shelf life. It’s just one more advantage over water-based beverages, which expire in months, rather than years.




How can I sign up to start distributing current Lavit products?

Please send us an email at distributors@drinklavit.com, and we’ll be in touch shortly.


If I am a current Lavit distributor, where can I get updated company and technical information?

Under our homepage “Support” tab, you will find a password-protected Distributors page (please contact your Lavit rep for the password), which gives our distributors access to a cloud-based document library of up-to-date company, product, and technical service information.





What is One Drop?

One Drop is non-profit organization whose mission is to bring clean water to people in need. But they are so much more than that. They believe that simply giving people access to clean water isn’t going to solve all of their problems. They use this new resource as a way to kickstart community development, using social art and micro-financing.

For more information, please visit www.onedrop.org



What is Lavit’s relationship with One Drop?

With every EcoCap purchased, a portion of that sale goes directly to our friends at One Drop. We are extremely proud to help them combat this worldwide problem and ensure that all people, regardless of where they live, have access to clean water.