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Lavit is an eco-friendly, space-saving, trash-reducing alternative to bottles and cans that keeps your entire workplace–and communities in need–happy, healthy and hydrated. Rooted in the European roots “vita,” or life, and “vite,” or speed, the name “Lavit” encompasses our mission to provide ongoing access to life-giving, health-boosting beverages. (We also like that Lavit is an anagram for the word “vital.”)

We do this for your workplace with our multi-patented Cooler Water Cooler™, a compact, countertop cooler just slightly larger than a gourmet espresso machine that dispenses chilled, filtered still and sparkling water, as well as dozens of low- or no-sugar flavored beverages, each with natural ingredients, no preservatives and fewer than 10 calories.

Every flavored beverage is crafted from our exclusive EcoCaps™, the world's first 100% recyclable aluminum beverage capsules, which means everyone can drink as many beverages as they like, and you’ll never add another bottle to a landfill–or worse, to our oceans. Each employee can personalize Lavit beverages to taste, customizing the flavor and carbonation intensity to craft an entirely original drink. Learn more.

Lavit also donates a portion of every EcoCap sale to One Drop, a charity that provides sustainable access to safe, clean drinking water to communities in need throughout the world.

Replace space-wasting bottles and cans in your workplace with Lavit and give everyone a sacrifice-free way to benefit themselves and the world around them. That is Life Unbottled!





Put simply, everyone will start drinking A LOT more water. Staying well-hydrated is a key part of productivity and overall good health. High-sugar sodas and many caffeinated beverages actually have the opposite effect, leading to mid-day sluggishness. Most workplace break rooms have lots of ways for people to drink coffee, and we believe hydrating should be just as fun, varied and personal as getting caffeinated. With well over 30 flavors to choose from and the chance to personalize every one to preference, we hope to keep your team more alert and engaged all day long.

The Lavit Cooler also gives your employees higher-quality water. Equipped with antimicrobial materials and automatic ozonation disinfection, the Lavit Cooler ensures that every beverage starts with fresh, filtered H2O. Ozonation automatically cycles through the machine once daily during the very early morning and prevents growth in waterways and tanks. It’s like starting everyday with a brand new water cooler, making water and flavored beverages from your Lavit Cooler taste clean and fresh, every time.


Lavit EcoCaps are 100% recyclable at the point of use. The act of crafting your beverage from a Lavit EcoCap flushes out the capsule, leaving a small piece of aluminium just one-seventh the size of a 12 oz. aluminum can. Drop the capsules right in your metal recycling bin knowing that you are making the best choice for yourself and the environment.


What if you could enjoy nearly bottomless chilled beverages–still or sparkling–in dozens of flavors without touching your fridge or the break room storage closet? What would you do with all that reclaimed storage space or the time you spend restocking (and rearranging) the fridge? Lavit condenses all your cold-beverage storage needs into one countertop cooler and store-anywhere boxes of EcoCaps that fit right next to your coffee filters, giving you endless refreshment without refrigeration. Like that idea? Learn more here.




Enjoying better-for-you beverages in the workplace without cans or bottles is as easy as adding a high-end coffee machine. You just need a water line to hook up the compact, countertop Cooler Water Cooler™. We train and certify break room providers across the country, who can install your cooler, provide ongoing maintenance, and keep you stocked full of flavorful EcoCaps™ and CO2 canisters. If your regular break room provider is not yet authorized, contact us at, and we will be happy to suggest an authorized Lavit provider in your area.




The Lavit Countertop Cooler is surprisingly compact, and fits easily under most above-counter cabinets. Click here for our spec sheet.


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