Who is the Man on the Mountain?

The man is all of us! He is the lavít team, and he is you. He is everyone committed to the search for quality. Quality in the work he does and the way it impacts the people and environment around him. lavít was born in the pristine mountains of Switzerland, and it was here we first committed to this search. We continue this search everyday in what we do, from the beverages we formulate, to the systems we design, to the impact we have on those around us. We are dedicated to this search, and we hope you will join us. 

What Does LavÍt Mean? 

We’ve gotten this question a lot. Specifically.. nothing! But the lavít name takes its roots from its European cousins “vita” or life, “vit” or lives, and “vite” or speed.  The name lavít is inspired by the ideas these words inspire. We hope you like it!

Does LavÍt have a Social Media Presence?   

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

How Does LavÍt Help Those In Need Gain Access to Clean Water? 

lavít partners with great water charities and donates a portion of capsule sales to clean drinking water projects. The idea of giving back was a founding principle of lavít. In fact, one of the early concepts for lavít was transferring the massive consumer spending on bottled water in places like the US and Europe to places where they needed clean water the most. By transferring to a point of use water system, we gain incredible efficiencies in our supply chains and distribution channels – this can free up value to get those in need access to our most basic resource: clean water.


Will LavÍt Offer a Home Unit? 

Yes. The home unit is under development and we are excited to launch it early next year.

Can I Reserve A Home Unit For When it is Released?

Yes. Please e-mail us at hello@drinklavit.com with your request, and we will give you your first 3 cartons of lavít beverages for free. 

Does the LavÍt Machine Filter My Water?

The lavít machine was designed specifically to incorporate commercial grade filters. This assumes the unit is plumbed into a building’s water supply. We recommend your distributor use a certified NSF 42 and 53 approved carbon block filter, which will eliminate all foreign taste, odor, chlorine, lead and cysts. In the event your lavít machine is run off a large volume water bottle, this water has already been filtered. 

Does the LavÍt Machine Clean and Disinfect My Water in Any Other Way?

Yes. The lavít machine is equipped with antimicrobial plastics and automatic ozonation disinfection. Ozonation cycles through the machine once daily (usually middle of the night) and prevents growth in waterways and tanks. 

Is the LavÍt capsule truly recyclable?

Yes. The lavít capsule is 100% recyclable and made entirely from aluminum. After a beverage cycle, the capsule is completely empty and you can recycle it. 


Are LavÍt Beverages Good For Me?

Yes. All lavít beverages are formulated with low or no sugar. By design the lavít system will not accommodate a high level of sugar and most lavít beverages have zero sugar. All lavít beverages are made preservative free and enriched with a blend of healthy vitamins. 

Do LavÍt Beverages Use Natural or Artificial Sweeteners?

Both. Some beverages contain common forms of the stevia plant as a natural sweetener while others use non natural sweeteners for those that prefer their taste. 


Yes, lavít SuperNaturals is a beverage line that is lightly sweetened with Stevia. 

What if LavÍt Doesn’t Have Beverages I Like? 

Write to us! Send any requests, recommendations or comments on the current beverage lineup to hello@drinklavit.com.


How Can I Sign Up to Start Distributing Current LavÍt Products?

Please send us an e-mail at distributors@drinklavit.com

If I Am a Current LavÍt Distributor, Where Can I Get Updated Company and Technical Information?

There is a Distributors link at the bottom of the lavít website that is available to current lavít distributors. Current distributors will be given a password to access the lavít cloud based document storage bank that will contain all the latest company, product, and technical service information.  


What if I am Interested in Working for Lavít? 

Write to us! Send us an email to careers@drinklavit.com

What if I have Other Questions or Comments? 

Write to us! Send any questions or comments to us at hello@drinklavit.com