Do You Want an Office Water Cooler that does Sparkling, Naturally Flavored, Personalized, Delicious Drinks?

Introducing Lavít: the first office water cooler that is actually cool.


Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, as we launch the Lavit office water cooler, companies can get Lavit in their office for as little as $20 a month…or even free. This introductory offer will not be available for long though.

If you’re ready to step up and be the office hero - just click the button below. It will contact our staff to give you more information on Lavit, and you can find out if your office qualifies to get a Lavit machine installed - for free.


It turns out your office water cooler could be doing a lot more for you each day. Lavít transforms water into delicious (but healthy), still and sparkling beverages. Here’s just some of the things it can do:

  • Single-serve, chilled, filtered, still and sparkling water

  • Over 30 deliciously crafted better-for-you beverages at the touch of a button

  • Choose from delicious options like green tea & ginseng, lemon tea, black cherry lime, peach tea, coconut pineapple, spicy ginger ale and acai pomegranate

  • Get great brands like Arizona and Arnold Palmer on-demand in your office - and personalize them to be still or sparkling

  • All beverages are low or no sugar, natural flavors, and 10 calories or less

  • 100% recyclable capsules - super eco-friendly

  • We give back. For every beverage capsule sold, Lavit donates to One Drop - an organization that ensures people around the world have access to clean drinking water