Office Managers:
This New Water Cooler Can Handle ALL Your Office Drink Needs

What if there was a way to get on-demand, natural fruit flavored, low sugar, sparkling delicious drinks - and chilled filtered water - all in one place, and at the touch of a button?

That’s where Lavit comes in.


Lavit is one of those office perks people don’t ‘get’ until they try it. After that - they’ll never want to give it up.

The Lavit water cooler does everything your current water cooler does - and much more. With Lavit, your workmates can get all natural, real fruit flavoured drinks. These are low or no sugar, preservative-free and delicious. And it also provides filtered, chilled and sparkling water.

Lavit is way better for your office - and the environment. All drinks capsules are 100% recyclable, and contain ⅙ the aluminium of cans. No one is going to need to haul heavy boxes of soft drinks to stock the fridge any more (or haul away rubbish bins full of plastic bottles and cans.)

There’s over 30 delicious flavours like: black cherry lime, orange mango, peach tea,  meyer lemon and blackberry, Californian white peach and West Indian line.

Plus, we partnered with Arnold Palmer and Arizona Iced Tea. This means you get these great brands on tap in your office. And (like nowhere else) you can choose to have them still or sparkling.

2017 is the year to replace your old boring water cooler with something that not only produces chilled and filtered water - it creates on-demand, sparkling, naturally flavoured delicious beverages. (And saves the environment. And your workmates’ teeth. And your office manager’s back...)

If this sounds good to you - we have drinks consultants standing by. Fill out the form below, and they’ll contact you with info on how you can get Lavit in your office.

Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, as we launch the Lavit office water cooler, companies can get Lavit in their office for as little as $20 a month…or even free. This introductory offer will not be available for long though.

If you’re ready to step up and be the office hero - just click the button below. It will contact our staff to give you more information on Lavit, and you can find out if your office qualifies to get a Lavit machine installed - for free.