Gotta love that fresh powder…

Many ingredients and (most importantly) flavor in bottled beverages are shown to deteriorate over time. We put them in powder form so they can stay at the top of their game, creating a fresh drink every single time.


Made with 100% recyclable aluminum.


Crack and peel technology means no cross-contamination between beverages.

Something Orange.png

An EcoCap uses 1/7 the material of a regular 12oz can. And weighs almost 99% less.


Did we mention…

Our 5L still and 1L sparkling tanks use ozonation to self sanitize. Every. Single. Night.

Here’s how to get your drink of choice in 3 simple steps.


Drop your desired EcoCap into your machine…

Aluminum can.png

Tap “Lavit EcoCap” and customize that drink to you heart’s desire…


Hit that big button and prepare for something great. (We love sparkling water. Can you tell?)