For your health. For the planet. That's Life Unbottled. 


Who are we? Lavit is an eco-friendly, space-saving, trash-reducing alternative to bottled-up beverages that helps your whole office stay hydrated, healthy and productive.

The name “Lavit” is rooted in the European roots “vita,” or life, and “vite” or speed. We also like that Lavit is an anagram for the word “vital.” These terms encompass what we want to bring to your office: life-giving, health-boosting beverages in seconds.  

We upgrade your H20 and replace your office stoda stash with ice-cold still and sparkling beverages in hundreds of low-calorie flavors, each served filtered in tiny aluminum EcoCaps™ – the world's first 100% recyclable beverage capsule. Customize flavor intensity and even carbonation level to make every drink as unique as its maker.



For your health. 

Even dehydration as mild as 2% can impair cognition and increase irritability. Coffee culture is partly to blame, and even teas & sodas actually work to dehydrate the body with every sip, but you don’t need to kick the caffeine habit. Lavit helps you counter “post-coffee mind” by making each hydrating trip to the water cooler fun, flavorful and personalized.

The Lavit Cooler is also equipped with antimicrobial materials and automatic ozonation disinfection. Ozonation cycles through the machine once daily during the very early morning and prevents growth in waterways and tanks.  It’s like starting everyday with a brand new water cooler–making water and beverages from your Lavit Cooler taste amazingly clean and fresh, every time.


For the planet. 

Lavit EcoCaps are 100% recyclable at the point of use. The act of crafting your beverage from a Lavit EcoCap flushes out the capsule, leaving nothing left but a small piece of aluminum (1/7th the aluminum used in a traditional can). Drop it right in your metal recycling bin knowing that you are making the best choice for yourself and the environment.



What if ALL your break room cold beverage needs–still, sparkling, flavored–could be satisfied with a compact water cooler and super light, small and easily recyclable beverage capsules? What would you do with all that reclaimed storage space? What else would you do with your time if you were not restocking the fridge several times a day with more bottles and cans? In fact, maybe you can get rid of the fridge altogether (or, at least one, if you have multiple fridges in your break room). With Lavit, you can offer great beverage variety, both still and sparkling, with much less space and effort and no refrigeration. Like that idea?  Learn more here