Reopening After the COVID Shutdown
During the COVID-19 shutdown, many of the workplaces you service have remained idle, allowing for water to stand still for weeks or months. As the phased reopening begins, we recommend that you work with the landlords and facility managers to follow all recommended national, local, and CDC guidelines regarding flushing out freshwater supply systems.

You may already know that every Lavit dispenser sanitizes itself daily with our Ozonator – colliding oxygen molecules with oxygen atoms to produce ozone – which is the most effective commercially available way to destroy bacteria and viruses. However, in an abundance of caution, Lavit recommends all operators follow the steps below to ensure the safety and quality of their Lavit beverage dispensers for each of their customers.

Guidance for Resetting Lavit Dispenser After Prolonged Inactivity
  1. Decommission the Lavit as described in our decommissioning process listed below.
  2. Flush all lines leading to any and all equipment attached to the local water source.
  3. Change all filters prior to using any equipment that sources its water from the city, county or local water systems.
  4. Once the decommission process is complete, Setup the Lavit dispenser as you would during the initial installation. Installers and service techs can access our install instructions at under the support tab and select technical. Install instructions are also listed on page 36/37 of our troubleshooting guide.
  5. Allow it to run for 24hrs so that the Ozonator can sanitize the dispenser.
  6. For additional assistance please call 1-855-750-5377.

Guidance for Decommissioning a Lavit Dispenser
  1. Turn off the water supply to the machine.
  2. Locate a suitably sized bucket to drain the still and sparkling water (1.5-gallon minimum).
  3. Remove the drip tray.
  4. Unplug the cooler and turn it over the bucket for draining.
  5. Remove the rear drain plug and drain water to the bucket until the flow stops, tilting the cooler to ensure all water is drained (reinstall drain plug with the #2 Stainless Steel Screw).
  6. Drain the soda water tank only after the main tank has been fully drained.
  7. Plug the cooler back in to ensure water supply is off and then access the water set up program, now select the empty soda function in the water set up screen.
  8. Pull the cooler forward and place a bucket below the beverage dispensing area.
  9. Drain the soda until it blows CO2 gas only.
  10. Setup the Lavit dispenser as you would during an initial installation and allow it to operate for 24hrs allowing the Ozonator to do its job and sanitize the equipment.
  11. Please ensure the end-user runs at least one sparkling water and one regular beverage through the dispenser and disposes of these before using it.

Thank you,
Lavit Technical Support Team