The Ultimate
Beverage System
Breakroom paradise
Make your break worthwhile with chilled, still or sparkling drinks
Space saving
Countertop-friendly device
Smart drinks
Vitamins, minerals, less sugar
Lots of flavors
Get the most popular drinks
On tap
Still or sparkling, you choose!
Productivity on tap
Our functional drinks have been spotted in kitchens of:
Your team's favorite
Companies using Lavit report higher employees morale, productivity, and team collaboration. Ready to upgrade your breakroom?
Instant flavor
Get your favorite drink made in as little as 20 seconds
Lift the lid
and drop your EcoCap into the tray.
Tap “Lavit EcoCap”
and select still or sparkling (if sparkling, select how many bubbles.)
Hit that big, round button
and watch it pour your favorite drink!
Safety, from the inside out
The Lavit system is leading a new standard in the safety of beverage dispensers. Made with the highest quality, naturally anti-microbial materials, we ensure the safety of your work space.
Sealed EcoCaps
Every drink made fresh with our proprietary EcoCaps – preventing contamination and spoilage from the elements.
Single-use, all recyclable
No worry for cross contamination or for the environment. Simply toss the 100% aluminum EcoCap© in the recycling.
Daily self sanitizing
Automatic daily internal sanitization, using an ozonation process – the most effective way to kill viruses and prevent bacterial growth in the waterways and tanks.
Easy to clean 
Just wipe down the machine to clean.
Periodically clean the drip tray and EcoCap© chamber.
Commit for better impact
50% of workers demand their workplaces reduce their environmental impact
Reduce plastic waste
1 million plastic bottles are consumed every minute. With Lavit, your team can stop contributing to this environmental crisis.

The upside? More refrigerator space, less waste.
Switch to EcoCaps
• Plastic free!
• 100% aluminum / 100% recyclable
• 81% less carbon emissions than soda cans
• 99% lighter than soda cans (no liquid)
• 85% less aluminum than soda cans


The Lavit magic lies in our patented EcoCaps. Yes, it’s a capsule, but it’s not what you’re thinking. They are 100% aluminum and 100% recyclable.

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