january 2, 2020

The Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water

Sparkling water has become increasingly popular as an alternative to otherwise unhealthy, sugary carbonated drinks. But what is it exactly and what benefits does it afford?

Well, sparkling water is called sparkling because of the bubbles. These bubbles are just carbonation, or carbon dioxide gas. That means regular, still, flat water gets infused with carbon dioxide gas which produces the bubbly, tingling effect you might otherwise get with carbonated sodas or sparkling wines.

Some people known of club soda, namely for its application cleaning spills. Other people use seltzer water to settle an upset stomach. These, too, are just forms of sparkling water under a different name.

So, what are the health benefits?

There is a reason you drink a soda to settle your stomach when you are upset, or help when you have the flu. Even doctors understand that the carbonation in sodas help clear away anything clogging up the pipes, so to speak.

Helping with Digestion

In fact, sparkling water helps with digestion by stimulating the same nerves in the mouth used for swallowing. Sparkling water thus increases the amount you swallow, clearing away any buildup in the process and providing significant relief after the fact. Concurrently, sparkling water encourages regular bowel movements and has been shown to be effective for those who are constipated. You can even drink sparkling water to reduce symptoms of indigestion.

But, the problem arises when you consume the bubbles with an unhealthy drink. Sodas, for example, the main way people drink carbonation, contain high amounts of sugar and calories. That sugar causes tooth decay, inhibits hydration from any water in the beverage, and results in weight gain. Some people mistakenly believe that the carbonation is the culprit, but really, it’s the sugar which has been found to be 100 times more harmful for your dental health than sparkling water.

That is why the Lavit system is so beneficial. This system gives you access to sparkling water without the unwanted calories or the detrimental sugar. All Lavit EcoCap drinks contain little or zero sugar and if you are worried about the detriment, you can stick primarily to the no sugar options. Moreover, they are comprised of fewer than 10 calories, substantially less than sugary carbonated beverages. This means you can have multiple drinks throughout the day without accidentally consuming your daily caloric intake in drinks.

Reduce Weight Gain

On that note, sparkling water helps combat weight gain. When consuming sparkling water, you feel fuller than you do with still water. Research also shows that the carbonation causes the food you eat to hang out in your stomach longer than normal so you feel fuller longer. That feeling is important because it stops the hormones in your body from telling your brain that you have the munchies and must snack. This can reduce the amount you snack and how much you consume during meals, reducing a high caloric intake to something more reasonable. Reducing unhealthy cravings, especially for those who sit at a desk all day, can go a long way to stopping those unnecessary trips to the vending machine and those unnecessary pounds around the waistline.

Hydration is Key

You also stay hydrated. One of the problems, as mentioned, with sugary drinks is that sugar inhibits hydration. So no matter how many sugary fruit juices, sports drinks, or sodas you consume, your body will still be dehydrated. With reduced sugar, sparkling water you circumvent this problem. For a lot of people, making a switch from sodas or juices can be hard, especially if taste is a factor. That is why sparkling water is so beneficial. For those who just don’t like the taste of still water, sparkling water offers a better taste, is easier to consume than tap water for some, and with the Lavit system can manifest in the form of many drink flavors/types. This means you get all the benefits of drinking water all day, with sparkling water. Given that you should be drinking 64 ounces of water daily, the tedium of drinking still water over and over can be thwarted by using the Lavit system to mix different flavors of sparkling water.

This hydration will help you perform mentally and physically at top levels. It will help your mood, your concentration, and alleviate oxidative stress.

Reduce Phosphorus

Scientists have long studied the negative impact of phosphorus in sodas. It is this component that contributes to decreased bone density. Carbonation was not in fact, the culprit. What’s more, the carbonation in sparkling water can actually help rectify damage to bone density by improving water retention, and therefore the number of minerals your body absorbs.

Help with Blood Pressure

When you drink sugary beverages it not only contains too much sugar but can dehydrate you. When your body is dehydrated, the blood suffers most as it is comprised mostly of water. When you are dehydrated, your blood thickens and literally slows down. It takes more effort for your body to pump it, and this raises your blood pressure. Over time, this puts your heart at risk for serious health complications. With sparkling water, however, you can avoid the sugar and get the hydrate your body needs most.

Tangentially, you can keep your heart healthy by increasing good HDL cholesterol, decreasing bad LDL cholesterol, and regulating blood sugar levels.

Why Choose Lavit

Knowing the benefits that sparkling water affords, it is important to find a way to regularly consume it at your leisure. That is where the Lavit drink system comes in to play. The Lavit system is designed to offer a wide range of drink choices, including tea, coffee, fruit drinks, and more all within a single system. You get to choose the drink, then choose still or sparkling water. With sparkling, you get control over the level of bubbles in your drink which means better flavor and versatility in your beverages.

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